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"When you lose by 5 or more goals on the video game FIFA, you must write a considered apology to your opponent, publicly explaining why and how you have disgraced the beautiful game."

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  1. Apologist: Sony Nguyen, Victor: Naim Salam, Scoreline: 2-7

    I sincerely, deeply, considerately apologise for my poor and vile effort towards the Chelsea(me) vs QPR(you) game. You played very well, my defence struggled to defend your attacks which has resulted in my loss. Read More ↓

    However, due to me being incapable of scoring, too ambitious and being too cocky; I lost. Anyway, your contribution to my life is permanent as of today, therefore watch your back. I’m coming for the throne and get my revenge.

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  2. Apologist: Shaun Foster, Victor: Daniel Robinson, Scoreline: 6-2

    Mr sir Lord of the Realm Robinson, recently we engaged in a epic battle set within the grounds of St Marys football ground were 32,589 courageous and loyal fans turned up to watch a demolision in progress.

    Fifa is a game i cherish its a game i appreciate and respect, unfortunatley today was a dark and miserable day for me personally, I have l let the entire FIFA community down i have let myself down and the family name “Foster”. For years my family have maintained extremley high and prestigous FIFA attributes, never going into battle un prepared never submitting to an opponent, always fighting to the last breath. Read More ↓

    Today i threw all that away i threw all the heritage and hopes and dreams of the family name into the abiss. A 6-1 defeat to the hands of a worthy advisory a composed and lethal opponent eho was ruthless to the last second. I am shamed to have ever picked up a ps4 controller i am shamed to have ever played FIFA 15 i dont deserve a heart in my chest for that disgrace of the beautifull game.

    You sir are now my hero and today you sleighed your foe to his knees. I have nothing but respect for your expert thumbs and the way you curess the ps4 controller.

    Well done yours gracefully

    Shaun Foster

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  3. Apologist: Phil Connoll, Victor: Ryan Smalley, Scoreline: 8-0

    My name is Philip Connoly. I am a friend of Ryans and I am writing today to inform you of the complete utter domination I have recieved from your son. When Pedro scored in the first 5 minutes I suspected I was in for a thrashing however the 10 minute goal from Diego Costa secured it. I received my first yellow card in the 17th minute for delivering a vicious tackle from O. Peralta. Read More ↓

    I feel now is a good time to tell you he was playing as Spain whist I was a Mexican team called America. By half time Ryan had secured 3 further goals and I had lost my first man. The second half didn’t improve for me as I lost a further 2 players and Ryan secured an 8-0 lead. Congratulations on raising such a fantastic Fifa player. You should feel very proud.

    All the best,

    Philip ‘not as good as Ryan’ Connolly

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  4. Apologist: Dave Harris, Victor: Neil Wands, Scoreline: 6-1

    Dear Neil ‘ fingers of magic ‘ Wands,

    I write this letter with the deepest regret for my disgusting and shameful performance during the ‘birthday beating’ which you so graciously gave me. There are no words to describe the disappointment I am currently feeling, and not only have I let myself down, I have let you down and more importantly FIFA players around the world. Read More ↓

    I also feel I should apologize on behalf of Hull city FC for portraying there team in such a woeful light and I assure yourself and FIFA that in no way did my performance reflect on there current teams form or any of there players ability.

    Please accept this heartfelt apology, and rest assured I have already taken action to insure this humiliating and degrading scenario does not happen again.

    Best regards,

    Dave Harris

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  5. Apologist: Philip Bilton, Victor: Stu Porter, Scoreline: 5-0

    Dear Mr Porter, I have taken the trouble to write this letter of apology can be viewed by the millions of people that I have disappointed across the globe.

    There is no reason I can give for my utterly disappointing performance in our game of FIFA 14, where due to my inability to play FIFA better than a one legged donkey and your legendary skill you proceeded to best me 5-0. Read More ↓

    I can’t say that you just beat me 5-0, that would not do justice to yourself. You not only beat me, you spanked me like a naughty school girl, you humped me like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball, you f****d me like a Thailand ladyboy, you floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee, it was like Germany banging 7 in against Brazil, the list could go on and on.

    All that is left to say, I utterly regret even thinking I could beat you and for that I will always be in your debt for teaching me such a valuable lesson in life.

    Yours sincerely, Philip Bilton and the one armed donkey….

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  6. Apologist: Luke Bennett, Victor: Sacha Shokrollahi, Scoreline: 8-0

    Dear Mr Shokrollahi, Firstly I apologise for the delayed response, as you imagine after the FIFA game we played, where we were completely outclassed, my Liverpool team has been very active in the transfer window to try and ensure there is no repeat performance of that fateful day. Read More ↓

    Last week we endured a match which I can honestly say is the lowest point of my glittering FIFA career, no one could have predicted the horrific outcome that was, your Everton team completely embarrassed and outclassed us in every department. The final score being 8-0 to Everton and resulting in my players humiliated enough to even walk off the pitch before 90 minutes which I apologise for because it was completely out of conduct and unprofessional however my players had tears in their eyes, they felt raped and shamed, Steven Gerard is still going through therapy, and Mignolet has gone AWOL (I think he may now be working as a shelf stacker in lidl).

    A derby that started off so promising and had fans of both clubs mouths watering with excitement and hope in there eyes thinking they were about to witness a close classic tie between the two rivals, was soon ruined by my teams horrific and appalling display. Your toffees pulled of an absolute master class performance that made my Liverpool side look like a below average Sunday league team. Lukaku showed that he is a world class player likeable to Ronaldo and pelè, under your reins. He obliterated my defence time and time again with his pace skill and and just pure talent he left Skrtel bedazzled! And rooted my keeper to the spot time and time again.

    Disgraceful passes and completely misguided shots off target, Liverpool were absolute amateurs compared to your Evertonian flair, we were simply not good enough, we shouldn’t have bothered turning up. Suarez was nowhere to be seen, he has since left the club with immediate affect, (he bit 3 staff members on his exit off the field) We were a shambles a laughing stock, some would say it was ‘unbelievable jeff!’.

    To conclude I apologise deeply, the team let themselves down, they let the fans down, they even let me down. I assure you a massive overhaul of the squad is in operation to ensure we never embarrass ourselves in such a humiliating way again, we did not deserve to be on the same pitch as your exceptional and heroic Everton side, we are the new whipping boys of football, our faces are red like the colour of our shirts, I’m ashamed to even be involved with this team after this horrific ordeal.

    My apologies for wasting your time and your teams time.

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